My name is Chris Amann. I’m a software tester by day and a writer by whenever I can fit it in, sometimes even by day. I’m an avid reader and a video game enthusiast. I like most music, though orchestral reproductions of my favorite video game songs will always take the primary place in my heart. I once fried chicken for a year and I’ve broken my right ankle three times.

I think words are probably one of the most important aspects of culture. Every culture has them and every culture uses them to tell stories. Words and stories are one of the very few ways we humans have developed of spreading knowledge and, more importantly, understanding.

Despite what the name of the blog might imply, I believe perfect words exist. They’re out there and sometimes we find them. But these perfect words are precious things. They exist only until they’re used: until they’ve been written out and shown to someone or until they’ve been spoken. Words were meant to be used and to hold onto them for fear of breaking them is to silence yourself. Sure, they break, but they break into a thousand shards of understanding that the recipient of your words can piece back together into a full picture. If they truly were the perfect words, your original shape will shine through, colored and somewhat rearranged by the recipient. And perhaps all the better for them. Understanding is a two-way street, after all.

In more logistical terms, I (promise to try to) update this blog two or three times a week. I make no promises about the content as I generally just write about whatever is on my mind when I sit down to blog.