What Do You Think Would Happen?

What do you think would happen
If I stopped restraining my tongue
And voiced my inner thoughts aloud:
­             If I put aside all the careful filters
             And ignored all sensible precaution,
             Telling everyone who can hear
             What I felt or thought
             Instead of what I knew
             Was the correct thing to say?

Would people know the difference
Or am I the only one who spends
Most of my time in silence,
Weighing every little word
On a set of scales
I’ve spent my life constructing
To be fair and just to all?

Would anyone but me even care
Beyond the initial shock
Of a direct response
In a culture that values
Hidden agendas and vague
References to minutiae?

If I told you what first ran through my mind
When you told me your story,
Would you have listened to me?
Or would I still have to spend time
Learning to phrase things so your mind listens
Even when your ears refuse to?

If I spoke more truthfully of my mind,
Would you value my silence less
And decide to come to me for more
Than just the slice of my truth you need
Or would you learn to value my truth less
Because I was dispensing it
To anyone who was near enough to take it?

If I stopped restraining my tongue
And voiced my inner thoughts aloud,
Would people finally hear me
­­­­             Instead of just the words I say?


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