Measuring Inter-Character Affection In Fire Emblem: Three Houses

True to my word, I’ve been playing a lot of Fire Emblem: Three Houses lately. It has stayed my evening game while Cyberpunk 2077 has taken over my weekends when I’ve got more than a couple hours to spare. As I’ve slowly ground my way through the early days of the game’s timeline (lots of XP and support grinding early so I can move a bit more quickly through the later levels, also so I can afford all of the Seals required to do the class changes since grinding levels also means grinding weapon skill levels and class skills), I’ve spent a lot of time having units follow each other around the battlefield so I can get those combat-based support points. Because you can assign units to act as “adjuncts” (doesn’t appear on the battlefield but can sometimes act to support the field unit they’re attached to) to units on top of earning points for having them near each other in combat (adjacent to the attacking unit or, in some cases, threatening the unit being attacked), I thought it was be a quick process. I feel like I remember it being a quick process. Turns out it only sometimes is.

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