Going on Another Trip

I am once again departing on vacation. I’ll even be seeing the same group of people. This time, though, I’m just driving to New Jersey and then staying there for a week before driving back. The trip to Spain was with a wedding party and now it’s time for the wedding! Sure, I could bring my laptop and try to write while I’m on the East Coast, but I think I’ve got enough going on as it is. I’m going to do my best to rest between visiting friends, finishing my preparations for the wedding, and then being in the wedding. I’m also going to play as much Tears of the Kingdom as I can, so I won’t have a lot of time for writing. Any writing I wind up doing will likely be just for fun and to keep my writing muscles loose during this period of rest, just like while I was in Spain, so little of it is ever likely to see the light of day.

So! Today is my last post until Wednesday, the 24th of May. We should not see any interruptions to Infrared Isolation chapters during scheduled posting times since I managed to get myself up to a two-week buffer period prior to writing this post (and am going to try to increase it if I’ve got the time and energy). I’ll definitely have something I’ll interject between whatever I queue up before my vacation since I’ll have reflections on Tears of the Kingdom and my experience at my friends’ wedding to write about when I get back. Other than this, I don’t expect any more interruptions to my schedule for the rest of the year. I will be all done with big trips. Might make a few small ones, but I usually just write and schedule extra posts to cover those. I doubt I’ve even mentioned any of them until I’m writing about them afterwards.

It feels funny to think that the only two posts following my 1000th post for almost two weeks will be a pre-written fiction post and a “hey, I’m not updating again for a week and a half” post. Fitting, but still kinda funny since this entire saga has been one big coincidence. Anyway, I’ve got nothing else to really add here, so I’ll just say that the Dungeons and Dragons movie was a lot of fun and definitely worth a watch. Also, don’t feel obligated to see it in theaters, even if the movie starts off with a really weird cast sit-in where they all tell you what heroes you are for going to the movie theater and seeing a movie in the only place movies are meant to be seen: a theater. Total hogwash that almost made me walk out of the theater out of pure, afronted contrariness. Also, I know I haven’t been to see a movie other than the latest Marvel Spider-man movie in theaters since the first Sonic movie came out, but it really feels like the commercials and movies in general are getting more and more unhinged. It was a weird day for me.

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