Hi, Chris Can’t Come To The Blog Right Now

They’re busy spending some, most, or all of today playing the new Splatoon 3 so they can make a splash with their friends. Right now, they could be busy playing through the story, looking up plot summaries on fan wikis, watching cutscenes on YouTube, or just embracing the confusion as the story-mode plot references details and events they know nothing about. They could also be busy with player-versus-player content, competing for clout or whatever other currencies exist in the game so they can purchase cool gear, better weapons, and whatever else there is to purchase in this game they deliberately didn’t research ahead of time. Embracing confusion and keeping expectations low at the outset of a new gaming experience can be beneficial to having a good time, after all.

If you are here for your regularly schedule dose of content, you can find some using the category selection dropdown on the bottom of every page. If you were to ask Chris what they thought you should check out, they’d suggest the Read Aloud category if you’re into poetry, so you can read along as they read you a selection of their favorite or most recent poetry. If you got the days mixed up and are looking for the latest in the Infrared Isolation series, you’re a day to early for that! The link there will take you to the table of contents, which contains a link to every single chapter of the series. If you REALLY want to go deep into The Old Stuff, you could flip the calendar back to the end of 2017 and just skip through daily posts for almost the entirety of 2018. They wouldn’t recommend it, though. Much better to read through the Flash Fiction they’ve written. Even if some of the older stuff is bad, at least it will be brief since they’re all under three hundred words. If you’re just bored, you could always cycle back to August of 2021 and just start reading every post of the recent run in chronological order. There’s a few hundred of them between then and now, after all. Plenty to read.

If you’re here for any other reason, Chris isn’t sure what to suggest since that’s pretty much most of the blog right there. Maybe go listen to a podcast. They’d recommend “Friends at the Table” if you’re looking for some good storytelling, a diverse cast of great friends, some amazing non-Dungeons & Dragons games, and a whole lotta heart. If you’re looking for something a bit more comedic, they recommend “The Adventure Zone” or “Not Another D&D Podcast (NADDPOD)”, both of which are quite funny and you can’t go wrong with just flipping to the first episode of either one and playing through them all. If you’re looking for some warm, wholesome content, Chris would recommend “Wonderful” or “The Empty Bowl,” both of which fill your ears with warm, happy people. Wonderful is about things the hosts like and enjoy while The Empty Bowl is a meditative podcast about breakfast cereal and breakfast cereal adjacent food items.

If you’re still here and haven’t clicked a link or looked up any of the unlinked podcasts (they got tired of linking things and figured you could find them if you were interested given their popularity. Plus, the one they think EVERYONE should check out was linked, so maybe they’re showing their biases a bit), then maybe you have the patience for some massive novels, so you should probably check out “Wanderers” or “The Book of Accidents” by Chuck Wendig, “The Kingkiller Chronicles” by Patrick Rothfuss, the “Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn” Trilogy by Tad Williams, or just go through the “Reviews” category for a list of other things they enjoyed enough to talk about on the internet. Everything from video games to webcomics to most of the aforementioned books are reviewed there, so don’t be afraid to check out any of the genre or media format subcategories.

If you’d like to leave a message, feel free to comment, follow them on Twitter, or send them a message using the Contact page. If you’re still here after all that and looking for more, they’re really not sure what to tell you. Maybe go for a walk or a hike or talk to a loved one. Or go watch a sunset. Maybe doomscroll through your preferred social media hellsite. Whatever you want, really. They’re not the boss of you and, frankly, at this point they’re tired of enabling whatever it is you’re doing here. Good luck and best wishes, hope your weekend rocks. Leave a message after the post.

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