I Did Not Sleep Well And Now That’s Your Problem Too

Today has been rough. I apparently ate something that vehemently disagreed with me last night, but not until more than 9 or 10 hours after I finished my dinner, aka 4am. I did not get back to sleep after that and the sort of restless stress and general depression I’ve been battling this week meant I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night. Still managed most of my workout routine, though. My to-failure point on the cycling portion of my routine was about half of what I’ve done the rest of the week, but that kinda makes sense given how terribly my gastrointestinal system hurt all morning and how little sleep I got. Still, I’ve managed to keep up my routine to the best of my abilities and wasn’t even THAT late to work after all was said in done. The week is mostly over at this point, I’ll be able to rest soon, and the only stressful item left to do today is my weekly grocery shopping.

As I struggled to come up with something to write for today, I idly looked over my posts from the past week and had a chuckle at how you can chart my levels of mental and physical exhaustion through the week. I got some decent sleep on Wednesday night, so I went from having sludge brain to writing about critically analyzing story adaptations. And now I’m back to tired meta commentary about myself and my habits rather than anything creative (too burned out to come up with anything) or analytical (too tired to focus). Normally I’d go with a Legend of Zelda post, but I’m not sad so I want to save those for when my mood needs a boost. I do appreciate that it has been a while, so maybe I’ll just do another LoZ post soon, regardless of my feelings about it.

I had hoped to be able to write about new Breath of the Wild 2 news, but the latest Nintendo Direct did not have any new information for us. I was excited by a few of the other announcements, though. The new Kirby game continues to look like an absolute blast. I’ve been hankering for a replay of Earthbound, so the addition of the game to the Nintendo Switch Online system means I don’t have to figure out how to turn my two broken Super Nintendos into a single functioning one. I never got a chance to play Chrono Cross, so I’m excited to play the younger sibling of one of my favorite RPGs. I’m looking forward to that as well (and hopefully I have the patience for what a massive game it is). I wasn’t terribly interested in most of the Nintendo game news, though I’m certain many other people were. The discordant music of Splatoon 3 threw me off since I’m used to something more sonically pleasing from the franchise, so I’m not sure what to think of it. Not that I was really expecting to form an opinion about it, anyway. I don’t actually own any games in the series and have barely played them. Just not really my thing.

Other than that, I don’t have much going on these days. I’m continuing to slowly work my way through Pokémon Legends: Arceus and to gradually reimmerse myself in Animal Crossing. One of my friends is getting into Friends at the Table, so I’m looking forward to discussing that with her whenever she catches up. She’s also a fan of Over The Garden Wall, so I might finally get to have my discussion about death and trains in the two pieces of media. I am doing my best to be patient since she only just started and has quite a backlog to work through. Friends at the Table has also started their lead up to the next season and I’ve already fallen behind on that, so I’ve got my plans for the weekend right there. I might even get to run some D&D (a side game, not the main horror-themed one since at least one player can’t make it), so that’s nice. Lots to do. Hopefully my stomach keeps its cool the next two days so I can get some proper rest and not feel as off-balance as I do right now.

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